What We DoWe build connected iOS applications

Custom iOS Apps

We design and develop custom applications for Apple iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad and connect them to your existing back end services or we build those services for you. We uniquely combine skills in iOS application development with years of industrial experience in server side development, understanding issues of scalability, availability, and security. This allows us to provide you with a well engineered end-to-end solution including a high quality mobile iOS application which integrates well into your existing IT landscape.

Back End Services

Most non-trivial mobile applications connect to some back end services or have to integrate into existing IT landscapes. In order for an iOS application to work well, it has to be designed and implemented with the integration of the back end services from the very start. We understand well the complexities of networking and distributed computing and know how to engineer robust, well behaved mobile applications and scalable, highly available and secure back end services.


Apple iOS

allows us to build amazing iPhone and iPad applications that are constantly with you. Apple iOS devices are becoming more and more not only a source of information or entertainment for an individual but also extremely valuable tools for work.

Typesafe Stack

is composed of the Scala language and Akka and Play frameworks. Scala elegantly combines object-oriented and functional programming pradigms. Together with Akka framework which implements the actor paradigm for distributed computing and Play framework which is Rails for the JVM, it provides a valuable modern alternative to Java EE.

Java EE

is a battle-proven technology from Oracle, on which millions of mission critical enterprise application are built. It is a de facto enterprise application standard providing high scalability, reliability, availbility and security.

Ruby on Rails

combines a light, predictable, modern dynamic language with an open source framework for web application development. It is a brilliant tool for both fast prototyping and small to medium deployments.

How We WorkWe use agile approach

Agile Methodologies

We work closely with you throughout the whole project life cycle employing agile development methodologies and state of the art tools. We believe that the continuous involvement of the client representative in the project is very necessary for its success.

Using agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, continuous integration to name a few, guaranteeing complete transparency about the project status, progress, open issues and risks, we ensure that the client is in control at all times and can influence the features and their implementation almost to the end of the development process. The agile development methodologies allow us to react well to any change in requirements and priorities while still assuring high quality of the implementation.


We can host the entire project development on our innovative private cloud based platform Pirakoko, which provides all the features successfully used in modern software development in one place: like Git version control (including GitHub integration), issue and bug tracking, project news and wikis, kanban boards, continuous build and integration using Hudson/Jenkins server, shared access to the development environment for real time collaborative editing, debugging and testing sessions and much more. If you would be interested to use Pirakoko cloud service instead of your in house software development infrastructure, we would be very happy to discuss it with you and demo it to you.

ProjectsWhat we've done

  • SmartCampus

    iPhone app for the University of Lausanne

    smart campus badge
    smart campus app
  • Executive MBA

    iPad app for the University of Lausanne

    EMBA badge
    executive mba app
  • Forex

    Web app designed and built for one of the forex brokers.

    forex web app
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Who we areExperience and commitment

The Team

Kowalski Consulting is a Swiss based company with a branch office in Poland, specializing in mobile application development mainly on the Apple iOS platform for iPhone and iPad. We provide a broad range of skills and experience in the iOS development and in integrating mobile applications with existing or new back-end services.


picture of rafal Rafal has a MSc. in electrical engineering from the University of Berlin and almost 20 years of software development experience. He has worked for ten years for his last employer Sun Microsystems and was involved in a number of Java, Java EE, Jini, security, identity and access management projects. Among them he delivered a tax processing system for the Portuguese government, led a Sun internal research project on metadata search engine using semantic web technologies and was a member of the architecture team delivering a Java/Jini based real-time telemetry system for F1 racing cars at Magneti Marelli, Italy. Among his clients were some of the top Swiss financial institutions.

A couple of years ago he fell in love with iOS development and is a huge Apple fan, having used Apple technology for over 12 years now. He is passionate about increasing quality by reducing complexity because a line of code which is not there cannot introduce new bugs.


picture of piotr Piotr has a MSc. in robotics engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology and having worked as a research assistant he was designing and implementing solutions for contemporary problems in mobile robotics field ranging from distributed communication through sensor integration to robot navigation.

He is also a huge fan of Apple devices not just because they are trendy but because they truly save his time taking away all the burden of learning useless things. He always promotes simpler solutions that work over those more complex following master Leonardo da Vinci thought that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

Coming from the Academia Piotr is passionate about education and he believes the future belongs to high quality free education delivered through internet. He loves learning new stuff and solving hard problems.